how to make money just by playing video games

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       Making money  is a difficult task, Recently I  read one of the article on Bussiness Insider (India) about some of the  highest paid video gamer's in the world .By  reading  this article  I understood  that  in real life  it is  possible to make money on playing video games.  


    Before we go further deep, let’s create a distinction between indirect and direct sources of financial gain from video games. Indirect financial gain doesn’t come back from a specific game however outside activities which will be applied to any game, like streaming, blogging, and testing. Direct financial gain is specifically tied to a definite game.


      TEAM FORTRESS 2      

     This  game was  developed  by  valve corporation , Team Fortress two (TF2)  was Valve’s  chosen  franchise to spearhead their “cosmetic  item market” approach  to revenue. The  market  idea  itself  wasn’t new, however  Valve’s execution of the concept is what very drove the game’s success.
    In short, cosmetic things cause you to look totally different. Some things look cooler than others. so cool that players area unit willing to pay cash to amass them. Therefore, by partaking in item commercialism, you'll be able to exchange your product with another player for real bucks. this is often all permissible, even inspired, by Valve.

   DOTA 2

      Dota 2  is  contend  in  distinct  matches involving  2 groups  of  5 players ,  every of that  occupies  a  defence   at  a corner of the map. Every defence contains a building known as the "Ancient" , that the alternative team should destroy to win the match. every player controls a "Hero" character and focuses on leveling up, collection gold, deed things and fighting against the opposite team to realise conclusion.
   TO make money in Dota 2  is same  as 'Team fortess 2, earn money by selling your  inventory items in the game . You can make money through tutorials also.

   Second Life could be a unambiguously social massively multiplayer online role-playing game  that debuted  over a  decade  past. Will anyone would like to play this game now?, however it's a robust player-centric economy from that you'll be able to build real cash.I would recommend personally this game to you . It all revolves round the in-game currency, Linden bucks (L$). Players will earn L$ by partaking in varied activities within the game.
Some  activities are quite passive, like sitting on encampment chairs, fish hunt, gold hunt etc. whereas others need ability, like making virtual content and mercantilism virtual land. Some players would rather save time and pay money for L$, thus you'll be able to sell your surplus L$ to different players on the LindeX Currency Exchange for real cash. The charge per unit changes supported provide and demand, however tends to hover around L$ 260 for each $1 USD. With time and perseverance, it’s do-able to form a profit on the Exchange.

There are so many games other than these check out here on next-post. 

How To Learn Programming Fast For Free

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 To  learn Programming is fun, Are you interested in learning programming languages , Confused Where to  start ? Here is a piece of advice I  want to give  you is "Learn  programming by doing ".  
 If you're a beginner and have  power to find out creating by  mental acts then you'll  accomplish this goal inside some months. Here area unit the highest  websites, that area unit helpful for learning programming.Actually if you want to become a real master it will take at-least 10-15 years .


There a few websites  that give you good training in programming  for free ,Some of them are paid with minimal cost.they are :-

If you're a beginner or intermediate coder(programmer), then w3schools is a superb web site for learning programming. W3schools supply tutorials for a range of net programming and scripting languages and markup language like  html5, css, asp, Ajax, JavaScript, php, jQuery etc. So, if you're into net development then w3schools would be a good learning resource.

If you wish learn writing for creating games, apps or websites mistreatment html/html5, css3, JavaScript python, however wish associate degree amusive teaching resource. Then is right alternative for you. was designed by keeping problem for beginners in mind. It provides a fun and interactive learning surroundings that's effective for all age teams. though you're associate degree intermediate coder, you would possibly realize some nice learning stuff there.

Codeacademy is another nice web site, for learning languages like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, and Ruby. you'll even learn the way to use some in style net Apis in your web site or app. Codeacademy contains a nice fashionable learning system, that is predicated on user interaction. it's full-fledged programming courses for beginners. Again, this web site is nice for beginners and intermediate learners. however advanced programmers may also realize some pretty helpful stuff there.

Tutorialspoint has tutorials for lots of net, high level and scripting languages that area unit ordinarily used nowadays. you'll realise tutorials for any computer-oriented language that you simply have ever detected of (those that area unit presently in used). except for that, it additionally options a range of tutorials for different fields like DIP, OS, SEO, Telecom, DBMS, and frameworks etc. Some ordinarily used languages that you simply will learn there are: Java, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Perl, VB.Net, ios.

5.Microsoft virtual Academy(MVA)
Although, beginner programmers would possibly realize MVA  a troublesome learning resource, it's still the most effective resource you'll get, if you wish to master Microsoft homeward-bound languages like VB.Net, C# etc. MVA has nice tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advance programmers.It also has  some certification courses  also .

You might already comprehend Lynda offers simple to follow video tutorials. is  well established tutoring website, if you're yearning for video tutorials to find out laptop languages, then Lynda is your ideal alternative. except for programming languages, Lynda additionally offers tutorials for a range of different fields like 3D modeling, CAD, Photography etc. is associate degree recent and well established tutoring website.

These  website are good enough to give a kick start in learning  programming  Languages....

How to install WhatsApp on PC with and without Bluestacks

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   WhatsApp may be a free smart phone app out there for Android,Ios and Windows phones, nearly everybody is aware of regarding WhatsApp these days.With the assistance of WhatsApp, we are able to send unlimited messages to our friends and oldster everyday at no cost. after all it uses our device’s net affiliation. we are able to conjointly send photos, audio notes, and video messages. This application is liberal to everyone  for the first year and  then charges a minimal fee which too cheaper compared to sms cost per year .

Installation  Whatsapp on Pc (without Bluestacks)

Step1 :-Regularly many of Them use Blue stacks to install  Whatsapp, Over here we think for an alternative software to install the app. There are two alternative softwares ,They are 
          Youwave isn't suggested, as a result of it’s paid software . It comes with ten days trial. therefore its upto you to visualise Youwave or not.Still you want to use then   you can download  from  here.

. Wassap
         Wassap is a free software and comparatively very simple to install  and run in the computer.You can download the software from here .

Step2 :-After installation of any these software's , begin the program and register mobile number by giving  the login details of your whatsapp account .Then you can test by  sending  a message to your friends.

Alternate Installation of Whatsapp on Pc (without BlueStacks)

Step1:-Download  (file name-android-x86-4.4-RC1.iso) from  the given Link .Once its downloaded  store it in separate folder.

Step 2:- Download  Virtual box  from  the link  given by myself . Then open the  setup and set the path you want to get installed .Once path is  settled press 'next'.

Step 3:- After installation , you  will get a shortcut of a file  in desktop .Click on the shortcut 
then click on 'New'.Once clicked a pop windows open's up .Then follow as shown in the video below. Check out video carefully  below .You can  download Whatsapp from here.
By watching this demo video you can be able to install Whatsapp inside your system.Still you  have  doubts write to me .I will try my best to help you out and check forums also.

Warning: You may not want to root your Android phone after installing Lollipop

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      After abundant expectations  and rumour's  android 5.0  named Lollipop is available . Lollipop is supercharged with four times higher performance and additional battery life.The most important point  is it will run ART (Android Run Time )as default instead of Dalvik. Further information is given  here . If 'here' link  not working please click in tags  inorder to get more  information about android 5.0.
 While regular smartphone users who select  to associate android-mobiles won't be as curious about customizing their mobile expertise as additional hardcore android  fans, there are a unit or  many patrons who  selected android over IOS or alternative mobile operational systems specifically as a result of they need the freedom of doing additional things on their mobile phones than on anything, together with Re-setting or Rooting the device. However, this specific variety of android-Lollipop expertise would possibly forever bring a new  beginning with Lollipop.
        Recently  as Android police reports  rather than android-updates   took place  mending every file on a system partition one by one as before over-the-air (OTA), In Lollipop the OTA script currently updates the entire system as an “enormous block”.
        That means that any modifications created to such files can  disable future Android-OS updates on the device. Therefore, Android mobile users  must always  revert back to a clean stock version of Lollipop before applying any updates, and solely then come back to to re-setting  and/or customizing it once the updates are put in.
                 Hence you  think twice before  rooting your android phones.

Source :- Android police 
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5 Best Free Recharge apps to get Free Talktime/Recharges on your Mobile (Android/PC)

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Android apps impact

Android 1.0 OS was introduced to the globe with HTC Dream Mobile in 2008 and since then it has taken mobile application development to a distinct level.Mobile App development sector is growing vastly that is attributable to growing rate of sales of smart phone and pill(android) devices.With growing mobile trends, the advantages of automaton(innovative) OS have attracted most  of developers and firms providing mobile solutions. 

Minimum requirement is that you should a mobile phone with android operating system. Android has improved very quickly, when compared to ios apps.Recently I came to know that there are some apps that provides free recharge . Out of that ten apps are displayed its 100 percent free to download and use  and links are also given below .

Top five apps to free recharge is :-

 1:- mCent
This is a wonder full  app where you gotta do is  download  some apps ,its so simple that you can do the  task within  1 minute to 2 minutes max, After completing the task you will be receiving your recharge within a minute or so .

you can  download the mCent app for free from here .

 2:- ZipTT
ZipTT may be a newer Entry during this Recharge Market however its Reliable  and it provides recharges for putting in apps, observance Videos, finishing Offers moreover as referrals.There wont any be issue just trying out .

You can download the Zipptt app for free from here .

Amulyam was the primary company in India to sponsor free recharges through Ad-viewing . Naturally it wasn’t about to lag behind within the app-for-recharge race , But might improve some day I believe so.

You can download the AMULYAM  app for free from here. 

       The app provides fast, safe and easy on-line mobile recharges, prepaid bill payments, DTH recharges and Datacard recharges. The app doesn’t directly give free recharges formally however you'll be able to fancy equal worth Freebies / Offers from merchants like McDonald’s, CCD, Costa occasional, PVR, etc. and economize.
       Moreover, simply google “FreeCharge Coupon” and you’ll get various coupons providing large discounts, cashbacks on recharges that you simply perform from FreeCharge, simply check that the offer/coupon is presently valid. You can download the FreeCharge  app for free from here.


FreePlus app is an exciting new app launched with a similar design to induce Free Recharges and Gift Cards. quantity is attributable whenever you complete the offers by either downloading the apps through it or by viewing the ads.
You can download the FreeCharge  app for free from here.

U do have smarphones with u....,The cost of  internet packs  is also going very high,In such cases these apps comes handy and easy to use . Think wisely !!!

Alibaba on sale day; Chinese e-commerce giant clocks $1 bn in 20 minutes

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  Alibaba Group Holding Limited   is a Chinese e-commerce company that gives consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via internet portals. It additionally provides electronic payment services, a searching program and data-centric cloud computing services.

China's on-line retail big Alibaba says it's force in $9.3bn (£5.9bn) in sales from its annual 'Singles' Day' looking event.

At the tip of Tues, the firm aforementioned sales had reached fifty seven.1 (57.1)billion yuan, which it had shipped 278 million orders - out of these orders 43% are mobile Gadgets and accessories .Last year, Alibaba recorded sales of $5.75bn, shipping a hundred and fifty million packages.

Growing market

     Singles' Day is that the world's biggest on-line retail sales day.  Alibaba had aforementioned it expected to interrupt sales records throughout the annual event, giving huge discounts to spice up sales. In India Snapdeal and Amazon, in India, additionally had their own sales on Tuesday, perhaps hoping that a number of the Singles Day — it's China's version of Valentine Day — magic can rub down on them. Snapdeal's Savings Day sale featured hourly deals and steep discounts across classes. Amazon India restricted its sale to users of its mobile application in a shot to extend app downloads. Shoppers on the app had offers sort of a probability to win eleven months of free looking of merchandise value Rs 11000.00 per month.The two corporations were still collating knowledge on what quantity they'd sold-out till the time of aiming to press and thence declined to share sales figures with ET.
Link of the website is given below here.

How To Get Rid off Blue-Ticks in Whatsapp?

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 Whatsapp  plays a  very important role in the field of Social Networking .It was founded in 2009 by  Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They were Ex employees of Yahoo.On February 19, 2014 Facebook  acquired Whatsapp for  for US$19 billion.
whatsapp instructions

   As of October 2014, WhatsApp is that the most globally standard electronic messaging app quite 600 million users,with Bharat (India) alone self-praise a user base of quite seventy  million. Recently. Now   Whatsapp    launched a new features called Blue tick .  

Latest  Feature of Whatsapp


This was one in all the foremost expected feature by quite half the users for long.
This feature doesn ’t have to be compelled to get updated  by  IOS and robot(Android) users. because it is being extended “OVER THE AIR” , most users need to still wait to examine the blue-ticks.

How to get Rid off Blue Ticks in Whatsapp

                      By introduction of This Feature its might  let negative impact to the users by intruding  to their  private lives.The social pressure to reply to a message may well be bigger if somebody is aware of if you have got really scan(read) a message or not,  creating thus me individuals uncomfortable so rather than all that, we have got found an easy answer to avoid creating your tick-marks turning blue!
Its a  very  simple process steps are given below :

 Step 1:-When you receive a whatsapp message whereas you’re on-line or on your lock screen, don’t open it initially, let it get received with 2 Gray tick-marks.
Step 2:-Switch off all of your mobile web and Wi-Fi.
Step 3:-Open whatsapp and skim the message .
Step 4:- close the message, come home and switch your Wi-Fi once more.

Follow these simple steps you can get rid of the blue Ticks in whatsapp.Still couldn't fix it up pleases write to me .