5 best vpn service for NetFlix

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What is Vpn? 

A Virtual private Network (VPN)  is a network technology that makes a secure network connection over a public network like the internet or a personal network closely-held by a service supplier, massive companies and government agencies etc .

NetFlix(Streaming media company)

Netflix is the world’s largest Video-On-Demand (VOD) service with over 10-50 million subscribers globally.Video streaming is dramatically ever-changing , because people are addicted  to view their favourite TV shows. Sometimes in our busy life we might not get time to view our favourite TV shows .Through Netflix we can easily able to view our favourite  TV Shows  in many device's like computer ,Smart phones , Mobile Tablets etc . NetFlix Service is  not available in India or any other  Asian countries .

Netflix works on a Internet Connection provided , it should  have good Internet speed.

Why should you have Vpn networks for NetFlix ?

There is a method to bypass geographical restrictions being obligatory by Netflix . All you should have is a reliable VPN service . Nowadays all the Vpn service provides services for Netflix , Here are some of the  good quality Vpn services providers   :-
1)IP Vanish 
    IpVanish  is one of  the quickest VPN service providers within the world, which makes it an wonderful match for video streaming on Netflix. IP Vanish currently has over one hundred thirty five servers in fifty nine countries. Monthly charges for  IP Vanish   is  $10 per month.

   PureVPN is one of  the world’s best VPN services. PureVPN offers VPN access to its four hundred server VPN network is around forty five countries. PureVPN will unblock Netflix, once unblocked , the user's from outside the U.S.A can access the leading VOD service without  trouble. The service prices $9.95 / month.

   VyprVPN  service provides web-privacy and freedom to everybody , everywhere.VyprVPN conjointly supply quick connections  for video streaming  on Netflix. To access VyprVPN’s extremely secured VPN network, users have to pay $10 per month. VyprVPN conjointly offers its terribly own good DNS service referred to as VyprDNS.

   StrongVPN is  one of the  right VPN for any location . StrongVPN guarantees to bypass strong-geographic restrictions obligatory by VOD services like Netflix. The VPN network has over 440 servers set in twenty countries. Get the VPN service for under $21 for a three-month subscription. StrongDNS is additionally accessible.

    IronSocket guarantees to unblock websites, shield user's identity and supply anonymous browsing activities. The VPN service supplier conjointly offers a wise DNS proxy that enables users to unblock streaming content from Netflix and similar platforms. IronSocket prices $6.99 per month.

The Crew (game)Reviews :- Xbox 360

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The crew video game review

The crew is a racing video game available on Microsoft windows, playstation and on Xbox 360. This game id is developed by Asobo studio in studio. 
This racing game  is released on 4 december 2014 developed for the next-gen gamers. Crew is an very interesting game and live up to its own name. It takes you to a drive across America and you will really enjoy it. It has single and multiple player options too. If you are really interested in an racing then this is the right game for you so go and grap it. This game is really intersting and you will really enjoy playing it,the trailers are available below the post, so that you can have a look . This game is 20 hours long game. Intially you can particapte in the mini-games where you will get to know a lot of things about this game. Another intersting fact, is that whenever you score something , the score gets saved so that others can try to beat the score and you can have a tuff competition with them. This game is having a good fight in the market and is having huge competation in the market with other games which, are going to release soon.

The game will also released on X-box 360 as well on the same date. its will developed by the Asobo studios.
check out the trailer here.
the Crew trailor
You can buy this game in e-commerce websites like Amazon.com , Check out other version of the The Crew Series :- here .

How to make money by blogging.

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  Are you excited to know how to make money by simply blogging .Starting a blog is very simple task and you can make a huge some of money by writing some stuffs and articles on your blog. so if you have some ideas and skills you can start a blog were you can just write good stuff and earn some good money. 

blog icon  imageHow will this work out?

By blog writing it takes some time to make money . If money is what you’re looking for,then this is not the place for you.  You can make a lot of money by doing some blogging , but it takes  lot of hard work and time .
My aim is to help people who are really serious in making a online business . Making money through the blog depends up on you skills and the way you write your blog it also depends on the number of people who reads your blog and that's all you need to have. So everything depends on the person who writes the blog. This would be the best choice for home makers, unemployed person's and  students . Only thing that you need to spend is  about 2-3 hrs in a day wherein you will earning some good amount of cash.
       Search engines will  find and cache the articles that you write in your blog and you will come to know how many viewer for your post. this means that the more number of viewer's for your post the more you earn your money, As you draw  more website traffic with every passing month , your site gains credibility.So you u need  to have is  some Patience's and hard work before starting of this work inorder to achieve success. 
      Intially , I would  rather recommend to start with  ' blogger 'for blogging because its easy to for Seo(Search engine Optimization) . And u get domain name easily within  1$ to 3$ dollars , check out the  ads in my website .

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how to make money from video games

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This is  a continuation  post of   how  to make money from video games  here .


  Last post I wrote about the some of the  games  in which we can earn money just by playing it regularly . The only one thing that matters is it takes  some time  to get revenue.There are also other games in which you can earn money,they are Entropia Universe,Eve online, pool/snooker  etc.


       Account Selling
       When you try to play online games each player will have a account , In each account  there are bound accolades to accumulate, in game currencies, items, therefore  there will be  a differentiation( level position ) in every game. The lot of effots you've got place into a game, the  lot of prosperous(good level position) your account is probably going to be, successively raising its price.Many lazy gamers aren't willing to place within the hours of labour to form a self-made account and would abundant rather get the account. This has created the niche of the many account mercantilism sites, just like the leagueoftrading – that specialises united of legends accounts.
    Here are some of Websites like Armory Bids or Player Auctions exist and see regular commercialism of accounts. you'll fetch real cash mercantilism for your virtual characters in addition through these sites.When you’re shopping for stuff, do conferm with terms of your game, whether or not shopping for stuff from somebody else is legal before you purchase.

      Video Streaming and blogging
       You can stream video through youtube, dailymotion or  create your own video blog . This methodology is that the most time overwhelming and needs a colossal quantity of dedication, also, it's the very best share of failure as compared to others listed.But if you get a hit, this can earn most cash for you.
      The YouTube technique involves making a YouTube account, recording gameplay of your chosen game, piece of writing aforementioned gameplay and adding narration so it's currently diverting and informative, uploading the video to YouTube and awaiting the views to appear.I also recommend this because marketing in youtube its very  powerful.Same technique can used in all video websites like  dailymotion  or  video blogs etc.

      Testing a game
      This is also one of the best way to make revenue by playing latest video games .If you are really good then u can make good revenue upto 150/hour .If you are interested you can try on this game-testing websites like gamejobsonline ,gamercash etc .There is no wrong on trying on this websites . here are  some  materials or crash course  to learn about  game testing gamecrash ,gametzone .

Games are fum to play, when it comes to profession its little challenging . If u don't own a good educational background then working as game tester might fetch good revenue. 

Other ways to make how to make money  check here .



how to make money just by playing video games

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       Making money  is a difficult task, Recently I  read one of the article on Bussiness Insider (India) about some of the  highest paid video gamer's in the world .By  reading  this article  I understood  that  in real life  it is  possible to make money on playing video games.  


    Before we go further deep, let’s create a distinction between indirect and direct sources of financial gain from video games. Indirect financial gain doesn’t come back from a specific game however outside activities which will be applied to any game, like streaming, blogging, and testing. Direct financial gain is specifically tied to a definite game.


      TEAM FORTRESS 2      

     This  game was  developed  by  valve corporation , Team Fortress two (TF2)  was Valve’s  chosen  franchise to spearhead their “cosmetic  item market” approach  to revenue. The  market  idea  itself  wasn’t new, however  Valve’s execution of the concept is what very drove the game’s success.
    In short, cosmetic things cause you to look totally different. Some things look cooler than others. so cool that players area unit willing to pay cash to amass them. Therefore, by partaking in item commercialism, you'll be able to exchange your product with another player for real bucks. this is often all permissible, even inspired, by Valve.

   DOTA 2

      Dota 2  is  contend  in  distinct  matches involving  2 groups  of  5 players ,  every of that  occupies  a  defence   at  a corner of the map. Every defence contains a building known as the "Ancient" , that the alternative team should destroy to win the match. every player controls a "Hero" character and focuses on leveling up, collection gold, deed things and fighting against the opposite team to realise conclusion.
   TO make money in Dota 2  is same  as 'Team fortess 2, earn money by selling your  inventory items in the game . You can make money through tutorials also.

   Second Life could be a unambiguously social massively multiplayer online role-playing game  that debuted  over a  decade  past. Will anyone would like to play this game now?, however it's a robust player-centric economy from that you'll be able to build real cash.I would recommend personally this game to you . It all revolves round the in-game currency, Linden bucks (L$). Players will earn L$ by partaking in varied activities within the game.
Some  activities are quite passive, like sitting on encampment chairs, fish hunt, gold hunt etc. whereas others need ability, like making virtual content and mercantilism virtual land. Some players would rather save time and pay money for L$, thus you'll be able to sell your surplus L$ to different players on the LindeX Currency Exchange for real cash. The charge per unit changes supported provide and demand, however tends to hover around L$ 260 for each $1 USD. With time and perseverance, it’s do-able to form a profit on the Exchange.

Explaining about indirect source how to make money through games in  next-post